Saturday, October 2, 2021

Fall begins at Gallucci Garden, 10/2/21

 Today we planted our first bed of garlic. The bed was prepared by weeding and working in nutrients. We used a low nitrogen fertilizer, minerals and lime, then planted the garlic cloves 4 inches apart. Finally, row cover was spread over the bed and held down with staples. We want the garlic to get a good start without interference by our local squirrels, birds, possums, rats or raccoons. 

We have beautiful winter squash this year which we are harvesting to give to local immigrant families. A bed that has hosting perennial flowers for several years will be used for more garlic. We dug the perennials and will divide them to plant throughout the garden next year. The photo shows penstemon, salvia and yarrow. Flowers growing throughout the garden are key to attracting pollinators and increasing harvest.