Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Extending the Season for Summer Squash

 September 26, 2020

After a week of rain, the Gallucci Garden was looking quite soggy. However, summer squash was still growing and producing. The Lemon summer globe squash was particularly vigorous. We decided to extend the season by trimming away mildewed leaves and opening the plants to light and air circulation. The squash is planted above a south facing wall and is growing into the plaza. This exposure gives plenty of sun and the masonry also holds the heat, both advantages. All mildewed leaves were trimmed away as were extra leaves along the stalks with only the growing end leaves remaining. 

The collards this year have been wonderful. They did not mind the hot summer days or the rain and cool temperatures. They did not appear to be stressed with limited water. To harvest collards just break off leaves along the stalk, keeping the top growth to continue. Collards can be cooked in soups and stews, used instead of cabbage to bake for cabbage rolls, or even eaten fresh as rollups. They are still going strong at Gallucci.

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