Thursday, September 3, 2020

Saturday, August 29, 2020: Tomato Tasting Event

This year the Gallucci Garden stewards planted over 20 varieties of tomatoes that included slicers, paste, and cherry types. We have been keeping notes on which varieties grow well and produce abundantly in our Puget Sound climate. On Saturday we held a tomato tasting event to decide which ones taste the best!

 Our winners for this year are:

Best taste: 

    Black Krim (slicer)

    Beliy Naliv (slicer)

    Bumble Bee Sunrise (cherry)

    Chocolate Cherry (cherry)

    Hungarian Heart (big slicer)

    Indigo Rose (purple cherry)

    Mexican Midget (currant type)

    Old German (slicer)

    Sungold (cherry)

Most vigorous:

    Fourth of July (very early and productive)

    Little Napoli (determinant paste type)

    Slava, Stupice, and Butcher (European cold climate varieties)

We will have all of these varieties available during our 2021 spring plant sale.

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