Saturday, September 19, 2020

Squeaky Squirrel Sneaks Sunflower Seeds

 September 19, 2020

Stewards gathered to continue fall harvest, relieved the smoke has finally cleared and Tacoma has had rain. There were still many tomatoes, but this may be the last weekend for harvest. One of our favorites is Indigo Rose, a purple cherry tomato with a red bottom. We are still getting summer squash and will cut back mildewy leaves to try to extend the season. We will leave our winter squash on the vines until the weather turns colder. This gives them a stronger outer skin for better storage. One of the stewards harvested a basket of hops that he wants to try for brewing.

Our resident squirrel enjoyed sunflower seed harvest from an upside down position. We call him Squeaky Squirrel, and he appears as one of the characters in our children’s book, “Winona and Walter Worm Explore the Community Garden.” Come to our children’s garden in spring of 2021 to see Squeaky! All families with children will receive a free copy of the book.

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