Sunday, September 13, 2020

Smoky fall harvest, sharing Pink Banana Squash, coffee and conversation

 Stewards joined together on this smoky Saturday to do a quick harvest, share vegetables, catch up with each other and return home before the wildfire smoke that has drifted into the Puget Sound became too bad. As always, we had a fresh pot of coffee for all to enjoy. 

We broke open our first Pink Banana Winter Squash and cut into pieces so all could try it. Notice the orange chunks on the table. The freshly opened squash smelled delicious. The seeds are large and beautiful so we decided to harvest and dry them to plant next year.

Our collards greens have been consistent performers adapting well to hot and dry or cool and wet conditions. We have started another batch of collard plants to grow in the off-site hoop house for our wintering gardening project. The tomatoes continue to ripen and stewards have taken large quantities home for salsa and pasta sauce. Eggplants are producing well. We are preparing a bed in the Gallucci garden for growing winter onions.

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